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Rotating multiple pairs of running shoes reduces stress and overuse injuries.  Rotating 2-3 pairs of shoes will extend the life of these shoes beyond 4-5 pairs worn individually.

With respect to the forces of running, ach footstrike places 2.5-3 times your body weight of force on your lower extremities. These forces are absorbed by tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, and the midsoles of running shoes.

Running shoe midsoles are extremely compressed after a run and require 24-48 hours to expand back to their full resiliency. Rotating shoes provides a full recovery and extends the life of each pair.

Additionally, you further reduce the risk of injury by providing your body a slightly different movement pattern with each pair of shoes, thereby minimizing overuse related injuries.

Here is an example of the significant force a 120lbs. runner places on their body running a10 minute per mile pace at an average cadence of  170 spm (steps per minute). This results in the running taking 1700 steps per mile. (120 lb. runner would generate as much impact as 510,000 lbs. (255 tons per mile). Multiple that by the number of miles and you will understand why the repetitive impact running causes injuries.

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