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I had a request to write an article on a proper cool down. There is very little in the literature about this subject and most of it is not based on empirical evidence but it is based on hearsay and rituals. It is very clear of what is necessary for a proper warm-up that includes to start with easy movement such as a jog, stationary bike, calisthenics to raise the heart rate, decrease fluid viscosity, and core body temperature, sports specific drills to improve mobility, stability and neurological integrity and speed movement such as short sprints or down starts and cutting. If you're a jumper it would be a few jumps, lifting some lighter weights before lifting weights, a thrower would practice a few throws or a kicker a few kicks are a few examples. and lastly some form of meditation to put one in the right state of mind and focus.
First let us establish what a goal of a cool down is. In the past we advocated movement to avert soreness that was believed to be caused by lactic acid build-up. We now know that DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is caused by microscopic tears of the muscle fibers not lactic acid. We also advocated stretching to avoid "soreness" but again there is little evidence that this actually is affective. 
The only thing that all sources agree on is that everyone needs to rehydrate. Drink water after training and competing. In most instances the athlete needs to eat to replace protein and glycogen deficits. Avoid processed food, foods that are heavy with preservatives, sugar and sports drinks.

The following suggestions are my recommendations based on my beliefs. First we want to shift the body from a sympathetic state of excitation to a parasympathetic state of relaxation. This could be a walk, a jog, some easy body movements. I personally believe it could be beneficial to walk backwards, do bird dogs, rows,  pull downs, bridges to engage the posterior chain (back muscles). This is based on the principle of reciprocal inhibition. Meaning that when you use the posterior muscles, the front muscles will relax. And lastly to do some abdominal breathing to also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system

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