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Battling the Demons of Running: A Guide to Overcoming Mental Hurdles

Overcoming the mental battles we face as runners can be challenging. When we reach

the crossroads of positive and negative thoughts, we often dwell on the aspects of our

training that could be better. However, we should strive to balance the scale between

these thoughts. Achieving this balance is both liberating and healthier.

You have complete control over your destiny in this journey. You can consciously

choose which voice to listen to.

Here is a strategy for tipping the scale in favor of positive thoughts:

Reflect on Your Efforts: Focus on the months and years of effort you have

invested in your training.

Trust Your Resilience: Have confidence in the resilience you’ve shown in

overcoming challenges, both mental and physical, throughout your training.

Training cycles are rarely perfect and seldom meet all your expectations.

Grant Yourself Grace: Accept where you are with understanding and


Acknowledge your hard-earned fitness and be

grateful for the opportunity to test yourself at this level.

Never lose sight of all you have achieved through running. Running is a gift to be


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