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Coach Sean’s Bookshelf

Author: Christopher McDougall

Area of Focus: Motivation for All Runners

If you love to run then McDougall’s Born To Run is a MUST READ. If you are an adventurous human being who also loves to run, then go out and get this book, NOW!  Born To Run is considered one of the most widely embraced experiences of running in our sport. The story reinforces the idea that the human species are innately connected to free running for long distances. As the story details the secret Tarahumara tribe’s mastery of covering long distances at inspiring paces, the subtext shares a wealth of thoughtful content. Topics include our running shoe dependence, modern society’s conformities as common causes for injury, and eternal thoughts about why we run.  The author’s own injuries lead him to live among the tribe’s running pack, he shares his discoveries and “aha moments” for all of us to learn.  As the tribe embarks on one of the world’s most brutal [and virtually unknown] races, the author uses this backdrop as a setting to share a multitude of running questions and answers. Born To Run will offer key insights to common running questions, thrills of shared runner’s high, and a bucket of new motivation for any avid runner who takes the journey. McDougall expertly parallels the hypnotizing story of the Tarahumara alongside real running guidance and research proven steps for self-improvement.  As you build your own runner’s bookshelf, I highly recommend Christopher McDougall’s documented journey for your collection. You will not be disappointed.

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