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Picking the Right Running Shoe

Picking the correct running shoe is an essential part of your running journey, but we can understand how overwhelming it is walking into a shoe store trying to find the right running shoe. Your head is spinning with the amount of thoughts running through it, do I get Hokas? Nike? Addias? How much cushion do I need? Do I need a wide or narrow shoe?

Let's break it down. When looking for a running shoe there are 5 things that you should be taking into consideration: Foot type, gait, type of shoe, running terrain and comfort.

1) Foot type: At World Runners United we recommend that you go to a store that will be able to scan your foot. Through this process they will tell you your arch type and foot shape.

Arch type is important because the level of your arch indicates how your foot will rotate while you run. For people with flat arches your foot will over-protinate so you will need a mobility shoe that will help stabilize your foot. For someone with a medium arch you will

have neutral pronation so most running shoes will work. For someone with a high arch you will under-protinate which means you will need a shoe that has high cushioning or flexibility.

2) Gait: Through the scan and an observation of your walking a specialist at a running store can assess and recommend a shoe that assists and supports the way that you walk.

3) Learn about the different types of running shoe

Neutral shoe: neutral runners or those who have a foot that supinate

Stability shoe: Provide extra support for mild or over pronators

Motion control shoe: People that over pronate and need maximum support Cushioned shoe: Extra cushion for those that have high arches or joint issues Trail shoe: Designed for off road running and have extra grip

4) Terrain: The type of ground that you will be running on

Road running: Need shoes for pavement and packed surfaces

Trail Running: Shoes with extra traction on the bottom

Track Running: Lightweight shoes with less cushing, these shoes are meant for speed on the track

5) Comfort

To make sure that you picked the right shoe for you by looking at the return policy some stores will let you take the shoes for a light run and you will still be able to return them after. Here are a couple of things that might help you ensure you are getting the correct size and fit.

- Try the shoe later in the day because later in the day is when your feet swell

- Make sure that there is a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe

- Make sure that the shoe holds your heal firmly without your heel slipping out

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