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Race Spotlight Golden Leaf ½ Marathon

  • 2024 Race Date: September 28th

  • Location: Snowmass Village, CO

  • Organizer: adidas TERREX

  • Course: Chosen by Trail Runner Magazine as one of “America’s 14 most scenic races” and by Colorado Runner as a Best Half Marathon, the Golden Leaf Half-Marathon is one of the most beautiful foot races in the Rockies. 

Scenic Course: The Golden Leaf Half Marathon is known for its picturesque route, offering runners stunning views of fall foliage and beautiful landscapes. The scenic course can enhance your overall running experience.

Challenging Terrain: The race is held in Aspen, Colorado, which means you'll be running in a high-altitude environment with challenging terrain. If you enjoy testing your endurance and pushing your limits, this race provides a unique and demanding course.

Training Requirements: To increase your chances of success and enjoyment, it's recommended to incorporate specific training for trail running and elevation into your preparation. This might include practicing on trails, running at higher altitudes if possible, and building both cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Fall Foliage Spectacle: The timing of the event, usually in late September or early October, aligns with the peak of fall foliage in the Aspen area. Participants get to enjoy the vibrant colors of changing leaves, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the race.

Travel and Adventure: If you're not local to Aspen, participating in the Golden Leaf Half Marathon can be a great reason to explore a new destination. Traveling for a race adds an element of adventure and allows you to experience different environments and cultures.

Overall, the combination of scenic beauty, challenging terrain, community spirit, and well-organized logistics contributes to making the Golden Leaf Half Marathon a standout event for many runners.

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