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  • The perfect workout begins when the previous workout ends. The post workout recovery segment, consisting of stretching, foam rolling, elevating the legs, refueling and rehydrating, and sufficient rest sets the stage for the next perfect workout.

  • Pre-Run Dynamic Movement Warm up 

  • First couple miles at a comfortable pace (30+ seconds slower than you expect to average during the remaining miles).

  • Run a consistent pace throughout while maintaining a pattern of efficiency with your form and rhythmic breathing.

  • Taking walk breaks will help accomplish this

Thorough post-workout recovery consisting of the following:

  • Walk for 3+ minutes to allow your heart rate to gradually return to normal

  • Stretching the hips, glutes, legs, and low backFoam rolling the hips, glutes, legs and low backRefueling within 30 minutes of every workout with carbohydrates to replenish lost glycogen stores and protein to repair and rebuild muscles

  • Receiving sufficient sleep

Consider an active recovery routine the following day. Possible options are:

  • Cycling

  • Swimming

  • Water Running

  • Restorative Yoga

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