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I’m 53 and have run 5 marathons, but the last one was 25 years ago.

I am struggling with almost-injury and would like some training advice.  I have pretty bad arthritis in my right knee which affects my gait, basically over-straining the right hip muscles and it band.  I thought the knee pain was going to be my biggest problem, but that’s actually ok - it’s my right hip that’s in trouble!

I’ve been going to PT to strengthen these muscles but I think that might be making it worse? I don’t feel like I’m injured yet, but on the verge.  I was limping by the end of last week’s run. (It’s the hills that get me - running on flat it ok)

I really want to complete this marathon, and am willing to put in the work, but I’m unclear what I should do to get the conditioning / running strength I need without injuring myself. It’s a fine line!!!  I’m already doing 3 days of running per week instead of 4 but don’t want to go much lower. (Or…do I?  I actually don’t know)


Dear Barbara,

1. Follow my training plan, which is steeped in consistency and moderation.  You definitely should not run less than 3 days per week.

2. Be disciplined with a pre-run dynamic movement segment.  I recommend 20+ minutes of easy to moderate effort on a stationary bike, followed by 2+ minutes of resistance band work (moving in various directions), concluding by thoroughly foam rolling your hips, glutes, and legs.

3. The first 2 miles of every run should be 30-45 seconds slower than you plan to average for the remaining miles.

4. Take a 60+ second walk break at the conclusion of every mile.

5. Walk for 3+ minutes at the conclusion of every run to allow your heart rate to gradually return to normal.

6. Complete a thorough post-workout recovery segment consisting of stretching, foam rolling, and elevating your legs while stretching your Achilles and rotating your ankles in various directions to improve your joint mobility. Be sure you are refueling and hydrating within 30 minutes of every workout.

7. Follow every long run with an active recovery day.  30-45 minutes of easy to moderate effort on a stationary bike, restorative yoga and foam rolling. Conclude with a hot Epsom Salt bath while staying well hydrated.

Your Coach,


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