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Education: Brandeis, Tufts, and University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ

Professional Credentials: A Board Certified Periodontal and Reconstructive Dental Surgeon. Associate Professor of Periodontal Surgery, New York University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Academic/Scientific Focus: Clinical research of new treatment methods in periodontology and implantology. Research and development of unique, safe, reliable products to improve the quality of life while respecting the environment, in the areas of Pain Relief, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics and Hemp

Published Works and Awards: Coauthored over 20 academic publications, given numerous lectures at national and international conferences, and awarded several top-ranking academic grants, prizes and honors,

Patents Held: Founder of 31 patents (14 awarded patents and 17 patents pending, including a patent on stabilization of Exosomes for topical use)

Dr. Bobby Ghalili


Dr. Leslie Dreifus is a highly respected sports chiropractor since 1982. His interest is sports injuries come from his participation running track in high school and college.

Dr. Dreifus has treated many professional, Olympic, collegiate, scholastic, youth and recreational athletes. He has worked on the medical staff at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Jamaica College Track Team, the Millrose Games, USATF National Track & Field Championship, USATF Grand Prix Championship, the Mountain Dew Skateboard Championship and many football games and basketball tournaments

He has lectured and written extensively on athletic injury prevention and human performance. Dr. Dreifus has a private practice in Brooklyn, New York
Contact 718-377-6363

Disclaimer : All information provided in any article or newsletter written by Dr. Leslie Dreifus, is not intended as medical advice. It is general information. Please consult your health care provider for specific treatment an/or advice as it pertains to your needs.

Dr. Leslie Dreifus


Dr. Fatima Khan is an Internal Medicine Resident at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). 

She has a degree of Doctor of Medicine from the University Of Health Sciences, Lahore.

​She was a former doctor at Mayo Hospital Lahore
She is a competent doctor and the author of hundreds of medical articles.”

Dr. Fatima Khan


Dr. Shafqat is a board-certified physician with over 5 years of experience in medical and healthcare writing. He believes that with proper evaluation and timely medical treatment, certain health conditions don't need to become lifelong chronic conditions.

Dr. Shafqat received his medical degree from the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). He went on to complete an internship in medicine at the Combine Military Hospital (CHM). He has participated in several clinical research projects.

Dr. Shafqat is a board-certified doctor at the Combined Military Hospital (CHM), Bahawalpur, and an expert medical writer with 5+ years of experience. He is interested in disorders of consciousness, traumatic brain injury, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Dr. Hamad Shafqat
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