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A Data-Driven Program

WRU Dynamic Training Program creates a personalized training plan that will provide a structured program for you to follow each and every day.

The WRU Training Program is the infusion of data-driven ‘smart’ training plans coupled with the ‘art’ of inspiring, educating and empowering runners on their 10-, 12-, 16-, 20-week journey to their goal. Proprietary algorithms drive these custom generated training programs. Layered atop the skeleton of each unique-training program is a comprehensive written dialogue that is customized to ‘speak’ to that particular runner.

Training programs are developed from over 25 demographic and training-related variables with selected weighting given to the most influential factors on run performance.


WRU members click on and start your WRU Dynamic Training sign up process.

Chose a plan. Disregard the costs shown as you will not be charged.

Fill out your personal and fitness information.

Choose our Group, World Runners United and use code COMMUNITY to receive your WRU Premium benefits.

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